A woman is food and fragrance amazement and love a woman is a feeble strength that nevertheless advances never tired allows herself to support everyone who requires it a woman is perseverance and strength joy in pain broad shoulders in the whirlwind of collapse she knows how to grasp that single piece in the rubble that remains standing up to create value and start building again like an ant crumb after wise crumb the silent working woman weaves hopes that then offers the woman is there in her corner offering worlds of patient virility to draw on to grow, thanks to all the women of the world that will want to unite in solid bonds of peace transcending all envy and jealousy but merging together like drops of a single and portentous sea capable of overcoming all oppression and humiliation, capable of overcoming the deceptive patriarchal trap that takes us bitter enemies and always in fight to win him the unattainable gift, thanks to those women who are able to free themselves from any addiction they suffer it goes from the pain that generates being always and in any case subordinate to someone else and thus maturing a blind anger that hatches revenge on every other woman capable of winning over herself and her ancestral weaknesses linked to the sordid and redundant idea that we are inferior beings.

Rossella Pompeo



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